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ثلاث مجلات علمية في القانون والإدارة والتحول الرقمي

The Emirates Research Center for Research and Studies has launched three scientific journals in the fields of law, management and digital transformation. The first journal is concerned with business, economics and social studies “EJBESS”, which aims to encourage theoretical research and its applications in the field of business economics, business administration and management, economics, and social studies, and to promote the exchange of ideas between Science and practice, as well as original theoretical and empirical work that discusses the latest contemporary research findings that can be used directly and indirectly in addressing research issues and sharing advanced knowledge.

The second journal is called the Emirates Journal of Technical Studies in Legal and Policing “EJPSS” and seeks to encourage police practitioners and academic researchers to submit articles for publication that focus on the latest technical innovations for police services in the real world such as cybercrime, government procedures, legal management, digital documentation and public participation. and societal security to enhance all knowledge in various fields and diverse aspects of legal and police sciences.

The third magazine, the International Journal of Automation, Digital Transformation and Scientific Research “IJADT”, targets challenges and opportunities for developing software and programs that meet the best practices and embodied them in enterprise applications, in addition to automating the processes of robots and software robots. It also aims to study new models and successful patterns of digital transformation, and the relationship of innovation and innovative practices. digital transformation.

In this regard, says Dr. Firas Habbal, Academic President of the Center: “The Emirates Scholar electronic platform and portal is a golden opportunity for researchers to communicate and register for a membership card that allows them to access all published studies, research and research papers, and academic publication in various scientific and international journals, and the portal has been keen to register and index the magazine In the most important and most prestigious rules of scientific indexing such as Google Scholar, Science Open, Clarivate, CrossRef, which in turn is concerned with indexing and arbitration of journals and publishing them internationally to benefit researchers and emphasize the importance of these journals in the study of the most important contemporary scientific topics.

It is worth mentioning that the Emirates Researchers Center for Research and Studies was established to assume the responsibility of developing research in the United Arab Emirates and the Arab region in general, as well as contributing to the development of scientific research, publishing scientific research, and serving researchers and research centers within the country.

Dr. Habbal adds: “The center is automating services and supporting research technologies with the increasing interdependence between the digital world and social networking pages through a smart research portal “” with a specialized research concept to link researchers in the country and the world, emphasizing the UAE vision 2021.

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