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فعالية “أسبوع مدينة قوانقونغ” في الجناح الصيني

اكسبو دبي ينظم فعالية “أسبوع مدينة قوانقونغ” في الجناح الصيني

The generous sponsorship of the Chinese Guangdong City Council, and as part of the activities that were launched at Expo 2020, the Chinese pavilion organized the “Chinese Guangdong Week” event, which was announced during the conference held in China in attendance, and transmitted via the Internet in the UAE. Attendees at the conference emphasized the strength of economic relations between China and the United Arab Emirates, and the volume of trade exchange between the two countries.

A large number of personalities participated in the event, including the Consul General of the UAE in Guangdong, His Excellency Rahma Abdullah Al Shamsi. He expressed the UAE’s keenness on developing relations with China and enhancing trade cooperation between the two countries. For his part, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Arab and China for Arab Investments, His Excellency Khaled Al Balushi, revealed the UAE’s endeavor to develop and strengthen trade and economic relations between the two countries

Dr. Fawaz Habbal, Executive Director of Gemenos Group, stressed that the development of bilateral relations between China and the Gulf countries in general, and the UAE in particular, over the past long years, proves that respect, mutual trust and a common vision are the things that lay the necessary foundation for developing relations between countries.

The latest data of the UAE Ministry of Economy shows that the total value of non-oil trade exchange (the value of exports and imports combined) between the UAE and China increased during the period between 2010 and 2019, by more than 253.5%, while the volume of non-oil trade exchanges between the two countries amounted to about fifty billion dollars during the period. The year 2019, and the two sides aspire to increase it to more than 200 billion dollars by 2030.

Observers believe that with all these data, China’s participation in Expo 2020 is of great importance, as its pavilion is considered one of the most important and largest in the exhibition, with an area of ​​4,636 square meters. The Chinese pavilion symbolizes hope and a bright future, and its design was based on the blending of Chinese and Western cultures.

China is a great country with a strong economy, and it has cities with a strong economy and trade, the most important of which is the rich Guangdong Province. The province contains three economic regions (Shenzhen – Shantou – Zhuhai) among the four cities in Hong Kong, as these areas enjoy a tax system Especially, since it was started in 1990 AD, which encouraged the influx of foreign investments to it.

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