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Dedicated social platform

Welcome to Emirates Scholar

Dedicated social platform

Welcome to Emirates Scholar

An independent platform that seeks to enrich public dialogue

The portal for Emirates Scholars was established to take responsibility for the development of research in the United Arab Emirates and the Arab region. As stated in the Articles of Association, Our mission is to contribute to the development of scientific research in the United Arab Emirates

Digitalization trends and disruptive technologies give companies the ability to change business models.

With the increasing interdependence of people and things in the digital economy, Existing business models are fundamentally disrupted.

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Top Business Strategies
Persistence thoughts

Online Conferences

Set up native online meetings with enhanced engagement options like polls, hand-raising, and chats.
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Smart Setup

Set-up conference website, speaker & moderator profiles, and interactive sessions
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Full Customization

Adjust seating arrangements, matchmaking settings and registration processes
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Smart CFP

Connect attendees via AI-driven matchmaking and live or online meetings
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Proceedings Management

Comprehensive conference management system designed for academic and scientific events to organizers and manage the key requirements of their conference in one place.
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Blind Reviews

Allow reviewers to view the list of submissions and indicate which submissions they would or would not want to review or whether they have a conflict of interest. As an option, you can allow them to view other reviewers' biddings
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