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This type of study is designed to make the organization take into account research, studies or innovative ideas of internal beneficiaries (employees) and external users (clients and the public) related to its services and whether they are adequately meeting their needs.

These studies are among the most important evaluation and follow-up mechanisms. and investigate opportunities for the organization to take advantage of these researchers or ideas. The importance of knowing employee satisfaction comes from the hypothesis that there is a direct relationship between the levels of satisfaction of internal beneficiaries and external beneficiaries.

Scope of studies

  • Analyzing research, studies or innovative ideas.
  • Measuring the satisfaction of internal and external beneficiaries by designing measurement tools such as: Questionnaires, interviews and discussion groups.
  • Statistical analysis of the data collected in order to identify the current reality and forecast the future.
  • Develop appropriate recommendations and relevant requirements.

Expected results and benefits :

  • Obtaining feedback from the beneficiaries of goods and services, and their observations, And their suggestions regarding the performance of the institution and how to develop and improve its goods and services, in order to help in making the right decisions at the right times.
  • Full ability to determine the nature of markets and the needs and desires of the beneficiaries in order to achieve their maximum satisfaction.
  • The satisfaction of internal beneficiaries leads to good and effective performance, What is reflected in the satisfaction of the external beneficiary, It achieves leadership for the organization.

Get higher profits for all parties.