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This type of studies is designed to get an organization to consider the researches, studies, or innovative ideas of its internal beneficiaries (employees) and external ones (clients and public) which related to its services and whether they are fulfilling their needs in an appropriate manner.

This in fact, is considered to be one of the most prominent mechanisms for evaluation and follow-up, as well as investigation of opportunities that the organization can benefit from these researchers or ideas. The importance of knowing about the satisfaction of employees comes from a hypothesis that there is a direct correlation between degrees of satisfaction of internal beneficiaries and external ones.

Scope of Studies

  • Analysis of a research, studies, or innovative ideas.
  • Measuring satisfaction of internal and external beneficiaries through the design of measuring tools such as: questionnaires, interviews and focus groups.
  • Statistical analysis of data collected in order to recognize the present reality and anticipate the future.
  • Develop appropriate recommendations and related requirements.

Expected results and benefits:

  • Getting feedback from the beneficiaries of goods and services, and their observations and proposals concerning the institution’s performance, and how to develop and improve its goods and services in such a way that will help taking the right decisions at the right times.
  • Full ability to identify the nature of the markets, the needs and wishes of beneficiaries in order to maximize their satisfaction.
  • Satisfaction of the internal beneficiaries leads to good and efficient performance, which reflects on the external beneficiary’s’ satisfaction
  • and achieves pioneering for the institution.
  • Getting higher profits for all parties.

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