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Maximize the impact of publishing

Authors increasingly share their work, Often in private networks. The use of publications is hashed, which puts subscriptions at risk, Publishers are left out of the picture in terms of understanding and building on new methods of academic communication.

We provide tools and intelligence to help authors connect and collaborate together after publication, To maximize the deployment use and impact, and restore lost use.

Readers increase

The authors are well connected to the audiences who are most likely to read their work. Leveraging their connections increases readership – a peer-reviewed study showed that articles annotated and shared via Kudos had 23% higher growth in full-text downloads.

Crowd authors

It can be difficult to persuade authors to take a more active role in promoting their work. We help by clearly showing the link between their efforts and improvements in “meaningful” metrics like downloads and citations.

Restore lost use

We provide a way for authors to share links, instead of the full text. This results in copyright compliant sharing which increases the use of the content on your website, You retrieve it from sites like ResearchGate or

Interact with the best

Seeking to identify rising stars and attract high-quality orders? We provide unique data to measure authors’ performance on the quality and quantity of their efforts to communicate about their work. Combined with our range of publication metrics, This helps you identify authors and topics of high interest and engage with them more closely.