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Maximizing publication impact

Authors are increasingly sharing their work, often within private networks. Publication usage is being fragmented, putting subscriptions at risk, and publishers are being cut out of the picture in terms of understanding and building on new modes of scholarly communication.

We provides tools and intelligence to help authors connect & collaborate with together after publication, to maximize publication usage and impact, and reclaim lost usage.

Increase readership

Authors are well connected to the audiences most likely to read their work. Leveraging their connections increases readership – a peer-reviewed study has shown that articles that have been explained and shared via Kudos have 23% higher growth in full-text downloads.

Mobilize authors

Persuading authors to take a more active role in promotion of their work can be hard. We help by clearly showing the correlation between their efforts and improvements in “meaningful” metrics such as downloads and citations.

Recapture lost usage

We provide a way for authors to share links, rather than full text. This drives copyright-compliant sharing that maximizes usage of the content on your website, recapturing it from sites like ResearchGate or

Engage with the best

Seeking to identify rising stars, and attract quality submissions? we provide unique data for benchmarking authors on the quality and quantity of their efforts to communicate around their work. Along with our range of publications metrics, this helps you identify and engage more closely with high-interest authors and topics.

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