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Examine Business Sector Standards

  • Their Material, Content, and Vision
  • Dimensions of creativity in customer service
  • Innovative services are included into the items supplied.
  • Innovative methods of public communication

Conducting a review of the standards in the scientific research sector

  • Addressing contemporary development concerns
  • The time and effort used in the analysis and research processes, as well as the data’s accuracy
  • The media environment’s allure, novelty, and interactivity
  • Innovative methods of publication and media awareness
  • Composition, substance, and vision

Standards revision in the community innovation sector

  • An concept that covers new challenges and themes that have not been handled previously.
  • Meeting genuine societal demands on the basis of scientific research
  • Adoption of a partnership and participation-based approach by the different stakeholders
  • To be included into the framework of a comprehensive and integrated strategy for resolving a particular problem
  • Adhere to a clear and scientific intervention approach and specify the stages of the intervention (from diagnosis to evaluation)

Standards in the economics and innovation sectors:

  • Seeking firms that can provide an atmosphere conducive to the growth of a culture of creativity and innovation inside organizations
  • Enhancing the economic landscape’s image and fostering a research culture
  • The area literature’s additional value and fresh knowledge
  • Work’s significance and influence on the UAE and the Arab world
  • The topic’s uniqueness, both theoretically and practically.

Standards for the research innovation sector

  • Clarity and uniqueness of the research vision
  • Professional guidelines for regulating the procedures employed in each direction
  • Literary treatments’ originality and their consistency with intellectual, artistic, and cultural goals
  • Composition and aesthetic values of research The overarching structural framework under which research is conducted.
  • Excellent plastic relationships.