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Research Community

Fostering a stronger relationship between science, research, and technology and society may assist identify and address society’s concerns, from reading research to debating the newest discoveries.

The ESRC contributes to this process by ensuring that trustworthy material is conveyed and translated for both specialist and wide audiences. The ESRC is collaborating with partners to promote scientific literacy and research integrity while addressing unconscious bias in the publication process.

ESRC provides a variety of access choices to ensure that everyone has access to the critical information they need, from researchers and students who use material published on our platform and journals on a regular basis to members who want verified data for their study.

Part of ERSC’s role is to communicate research and increase scientific knowledge with both specialist and general audiences. Our online community and news site offers news items on the science, technology, and research papers that have been published in our journals.

Since its inception, over 800 articles have been published, with a monthly average of over 10,000 unique visits and over 50,000 page views. In addition to the ESRC’s series of events that bring together scholars and the public to debate the latest science, technology, and research. The activities are co-organized with local partners and seek to raise awareness of research among the general population.