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A celebration of the world research community

ESRG honors researchers and research groups from throughout the UAE who have been recognized for excellent achievements and are making a major contribution to the progress of their area, therefore positively impacting our society. The awards are a homage to the men and women who have made significant contributions to the advancement of mankind via their devotion to science. Using as a sour


Estimating scientific research energies and inventions for international, corporate, and government initiatives in the country


  • Stimulating an environment of innovation and competitiveness across researchers in scientific, professional, and media areas, among others.
  • Promoting a culture of scientific inquiry and innovation and emphasizing their importance for growth.
  • Encouraging inventors and making their accomplishments public.


  • The winner is granted membership in the Emirates Scholar Portal as a scientific researcher

Emirates Scholat Gate


P3-304 Tower B
Empire Heights,
Business Bay, Dubai
United Arab Emirates

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