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The mission of THE EMIRATES SCHOLAR CENTER FOR STUDIES AND RESEARCH is to advance scientific research in the United Arab Emirates and the Arab region. The scope of the center’s services includes government sectors, public institution associations, the commercial sector, and academic experts.

The ESRC serves this objective by identifying essential research issues and questions, which are structured around core research themes and produced in collaboration with key stakeholders such as funding organizations, institutions, research specialists, and researchers themselves.

These research concerns are addressed using qualitative and/or quantitative methodologies, including the use of the ESRC Lab’s vast datasets and sophisticated analytics. Insights and suggestions are disseminated via reports such as ESRC Perspectives or peer-reviewed papers; co-created methodologies, measurements, and indicators will be made accessible to the academic community through an open access framework.

ICSR and responsible research evaluation
Endorses best practice in the responsible use of research metrics and indicators in research evaluation.

Research Themes
Our research themes were identified in close collaboration with the ESRC Advisory Board and encompass six areas where new research can help drive positive change.