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what we do

We develop & create successful strategy.

Emirates Scholar E-Gate is an independent platform which seeks to enrich public dialogue, support decision-making and enhance academic research pertaining to future trends that currently constitute a real problem in the Middle East region. 

Considering instability and unpredictability, the overarching goal of Emirates Scholar E-Gate is to help ward off future shocks regarding these developments.


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Emirates Scholar E-Gate was founded to shoulder the responsibility of research development in U.A.E and in the Arab region. AS stated in its establishment agreement, our mission is to contribute to scientific research development in U.A.E.

Our scope services include governmental organizations, public enterprise associations, private sectors, and academic professionals

We monitor, analyze, and assess current and potential trends, non-traditional ideas and impending phenomena that contribute to shaping the future in the short-term, especially in the Gulf region. In addition, we weigh the envisaged alternatives to deal with trends utilizing advanced methodologies and scholarly activities that engage academics, researchers, and public figures from the U.A.E. and abroad.

Emirates Scholar encourages and reinforces academic research. This activity contributes to diagnosing, analyzing, and addressing critical administrative issues. We seek to spread administrative thought through research, book authoring, translation, conferences and symposia, and reporting on administrative development in country.

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