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Emirates Scholar E-Gate has all the ingredients a scientific conference need, from managing program committees to registration to publishing conference proceedings, put together in the same environment and using the same logic.

Our conferences range from small workshops with a few participants to very large conferences with nearly 1,000 submissions and thousands of participants. We host top conferences in several areas, for example, International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction (ISARC 2021)

Our Services

Delivering a unique platform which is capable of meeting the needs of conference organizers around the world and provides an efficient workflow and usability to manage manuscript on a conference.

Our cloud-based conference management system that has peer-reviewed features as well as other features that can help conference organizers or managers with event preparation workflows. Not only Conference but it can also be relied on to fill seminar organizer workflows.

Our platform is designed to be very flexible and user-managed so that you will be able to manage a submission with submission management, submission format, conference pages, payments, editor workflow, sending messages or chat to your author, send paper notes to your author, invite your reviewer, LoA, preview email history.

All of those things can be done with just a few clicks and automated email system. Our email system is automated and has a high reputation, so email service provider doesn’t recognize our email as a SPAM.


will be easily submitting their papers at your conference. Making a registration, uploading proof of payment, submit revised papers, receive emails, or chat from Conference Managers. We designed all roles with easy clicks.


Reviewers can also do their task easier, they will be accepting an email invitation, and receive a paper file to be reviewed, submitting their task based on the assessment provided by the conference manager.

This platform aims to improve the quality of scientific work by holding conferences, therefore it will increase the number of innovations. We provide low-cost pricing when compared to other conference management systems, but in terms of features, we can compete with the other CMS.

If you want to ask for trial/demo the system, we provide it 100% free! All you have to do is just register on Register page here, and Create your conference. Don’t forget to contact us to confirm that you are doing a demo, so that the conference you have created will not be taken down.

Cloud Based

Emirates Scholar platform is a cloud technology solution for managing and publishing conferences online. It has a very flexible conference management, designed to help conference organizers, and simplify the managerial tasks associated with managing conferences, while increasing record keeping and efficiency of the editorial process. This project aims to improve the quality of the papers of the conference through innovations with a transparent policy process.