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International Symposium for Art and Dialogue of Civilization

Dubai Dubai

The 10th international conference for the Arab Association for Islamic Arts and Civilization.   Dialogue and civilized communication help create a society with cultural diversity that is being respected and…

Emirates Youth and Children Summit 2022

Dubai World Trade Centre Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai

Emirates Youth and Children Summit 2022, organized by Emirates Scholar will be held on 20th of June 2022 in Dubai. In this prestigious event, academics, researchers, managers, industrial participants, and…

International Symposium for Space Development (ISSD 2022)

Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) Dubai, Dubai, Dubai

With the space sector thriving and rapidly evolving, it is more vital than ever to stay connected and updated with the latest industry trends and developments. From market trends globally…

Certified NFT Expert

Online Dubai, Dubai

Certification that aims to cover all known aspects of Non-Fungible Assets existing in the Ethereum Blockchain Environment today.