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This refers to survey and empirical research in which the researcher relies on collecting the necessary data from their primary sources in the field, to be used as a row material for full-fledged research. The most important requirement for securing EMIRATES SCHOLAR E-GATE’s financial support for field research is to be relevant to the EMIRATES SCHOLAR E-GATE’s activities and mission stated under the motto (towards better administrative development). It also requires research topics to adopt a rigorous scientific methodology, including sample selection, data collection instruments, statistical analysis, summary of results, as well as providing recommendation and documentation of scientific references.

Participation and acceptance

Field research goes through the following steps:

  • Submitting an electronic Research plan to the Research and Studies Center.
  • The Research Committee shall review the submitted plan based on the importance of the subject, need and the applicant’s specialization and experience. The Committee shall decide whether to accept, amend or reject the plan.
  • The applicant is committed to carry out his research in accordance with the plan approved by the Research Committee.
  • An electronic copy of the completed research shall be submitted to the Research and Studies Center.
  • The Research Committee shall ensure that the submitted research is consistent with the already approved plan. If so, the research shall be referred to arbitration. If otherwise, the research shall be returned to the researcher to make the required changes, and sent to arbitration again.
  • The research shall be sent to three (3) peer-reviewers who are competent in the field of interest, whereby their degrees and ranks shall take into consideration. They shall be higher or equal to the degree and rank of the applicant.
  • The Research Committee shall review the arbitrators’ reports and the researchers’ responses and make the appropriate decision regarding the recommendation to publish or amend the work, or even send an apology to the researcher.
  • The research reward shall be estimated based on the reviewers’ ranking of the concerned research.
  • The EMIRATES SCHOLAR E-GATE shall be entitled to print the research for a period of five years as of the date of concluding the contract with the applicant or distributing of 10,000 copies, whichever ends first. The EMIRATES SCHOLAR E-GATE

Acceptance criteria

There are several criteria for the Research Committee to accept or reject a field research plan. These criteria are as follows:

  • The relevance of the research subject to the EMIRATES SCHOLAR E-GATE objectives and activities.
  • The size of the current intellectual production in the subject of the proposed research, which is approved by the Research Committee and has not yet been published and is available in the library.
  • Accuracy in formulating the research problem.
  • Concordance between the objectives and the search problem.
  • Clarity of concepts.
  • Link research questions or hypotheses to the research problem and objectives.
  • Clear description of the research population.
  • Clear description of the unit of analysis.
  • Determining the size of the target research population.
  • Suitability of the sampling method (method of selection of sample units).
  • Suitable target sample size.
  • Methods of data collection.
  • The researcher’s relationship with the research topic.
  • Access to the target sample subjects.