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Cooperation Conference between the Chinese and UAE Expo 2020

Launching the Economic Cooperation Conference between the Chinese and the UAE, as part of Expo 2020

Today 11 January, marked the opening ceremony of the Guangdong Week at the Chinese Pavilion at Expo 2020, sponsored by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Guangdong Committee. Through this conference the two countries stated the importance of relations between the UAE and China and encouraged the strengthening of trade and economic exchange between them.


The Chinese pavilion at the Expo has received more than 800,000 visitors since the beginning of the exhibition until today, as the Republic of China named its pavilion the Expo “The Light of China” because of the numerous opportunities and achievements it will present, especially with regard to Guangdong Week.

The Chinese pavilion displays Chinese culture in innovative and modern ways, also it will continue to prepare and arrange several exhibitions and events to share its culture and history with the largest possible number of visitors. Guangdong is one of the largest economic areas in China, as trade in it is one of the most important economic activities. In addition, Guangdong is a major economic trading window.

During this conference, the Consul General of the UAE in Guangdong, Mr. Rhama Al Shamsi, enhanced the concept of friendship and trade cooperation between the UAE and China. Furthermore, Al Shamsi considers the UAE a key partner to China. Guangdong Week will provide new opportunities for the two countries, which will contribute to the development and strengthening of the future joint business community.

The official spokesman of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce said that he is looking forward to more cooperation and partnership with the Republic of China. Moreover, he stated that the UAE-China partnership is the ideal platform for trading, and there are many objectives from it and the most important one is attracting new Emirati Chinese business opportunities. He also assured that the Dubai Chamber of Commerce has always focused on building strong trade relations with China.

A signing ceremony of Guangdong-UAE cooperation projects was held today, with the participation of many Chinese and Emirati businessmen. Guangdong-UAE boutique products were also launched.

The vice president of the leading crew, who is considered one of the most important representatives in the Guangdong government, said that this launching is a brilliant opportunity for both countries, the UAE and China. Furthermore, he stated that it will facilitate the trading movement through Dubai and China.

Dr. Fawaz Habbal, CEO of Geminos Group, emphasized the importance of participation and knowledge and economic exchange between the UAE and Chinese pavilion and with all pavilions at Expo 2020, due to the economic benefits that this participation will provide and various commercial relations with all participants.

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