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Open Access

Open access is a core part of our commitment to a collaborative, inclusive, and transparent research environment in which authors, researchers, and academic institutions may exchange information and build on each other’s work to achieve results.

We provide a variety of open access alternatives to meet the different requirements of institutions, donors, academic organisations, and researchers worldwide. We listen to our members and work with them to reach their research objectives. We do it without ever sacrificing the qualities clients have come to rely on: quality, rigorous peer review, and research integrity.

We continue to enhance the open access choices we provide by testing and learning from our open access pilot agreements with universities throughout the globe.

Fundamentally, our objective – to assist researchers and professionals in advancing science and improving research results for the sake of society — implies that we will always assist researchers in gaining access to the information they need, regardless of the publishing model used.

Our fast-growing open access offer

  • We wish to provide academics as many open access publishing alternatives as they do subscription publishing options, reflecting our belief in author choice.
  • As one of the world’s fastest-growing open access publishers, we currently provide open access publishing, including four completely open access journals.
  • We agree to follow the transformational journal requirements. Across our portfolio, we are testing revolutionary journal status.
  • We assist writers by advising them on how to comply with funding bodies’ open access policy.