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The smart Planner allows you to schedule presentations and invited speakers. Assign them to sessions and sort them automatically or by drag-and-drop. Define session and provide authors with full information by email about their presentations. Publish your final book of abstracts with just a few clicks.

Our visual scheduling tool has everything you need to plan and publish your conference programme. In a graphical overview by rooms and times, the events can be easily positioned by drag-and-drop. Filter functions allow you to display only the areas you are currently working on.

Create the conference programme and book of abstracts out of the box for both printed and web-based presentations. Advanced interfaces are available for automated data transfers to the smart Conference app or the smart Program Web for personal schedules on-site.

Planner Features

Use the Smart Abstract report builder to prepare your book of abstracts and conference programme at the click of a button. Generate reports and statistics whenever you need them. Whatever you want to do, Smart Abstract can compile, organize and prepare your conference data. Use our configuration interfaces to customize your content and export it to Word or Excel.

Manage users and roles

Smart Abstract’s role management options provide a useful tool for steering abstract submission and planning processes. You can create, check, or review address data, roles, abstracts, incoming emails and access data. Administrators can also grant permission to individual authors to submit abstracts after the respective deadline has passed.

  • Visual scheduling
  • Invited speakers management
  • Plausibility checks
  • Enhanced planning capability
  • Roles & privileges
  • Interfaces

Manage review processes

Smart Abstract facilitates the optimal allocation of abstracts to reviewers. A range of options are available to define allocation parameters per abstract and reviewer at a global or individual level. Optional automatic notifications will inform you when a reviewer is identified as biased and invite you to modify the designated allocation. In the event of subsequent cancellations by a reviewer, replacement reviewers can be added quickly and invited to join the review process directly via email.

Smart Abstract’s deadline management service gives you absolute flexibility in the implementation of your conference. Unofficial deadline extensions can be granted to both authors and reviewers. Late-breaking abstracts can be submitted in parallel to the peer review process. Conference organizers can set separate deadlines for abstracts by invited speakers to ensure that all abstracts and papers can be included in the book of abstracts.

Smart Abstract’s correction tools enable you to prepare high-quality conference publications. Default settings can be applied to check the correct usage of upper and lower case characters in content submitted by authors. Oranizers can summerise affiliations, standardize the formatting of official names and makes edits to abstracts and authors’ details.

Smart ePoster

Digital posters are uploaded directly via the conference submission portal. Additional information for ePosters can be requested during the upload process. Authors simply use the same login as when submitting abstracts. Important information on required formats etc. are always available.

The allocation of e-Posters to topics and sessions can be conveniently carried out via the Poster Planner or Program Planner. When and who has already uploaded ePosters is transparent at all times, so that organisers can keep track until the last day of the congress.

smart ePoster is a terminal that can be opened in any browser, even on mobile devices of the congress attendees. Poster previews, filters or a full text search support the intuitive finding electronic posters. An integrated rating tool for the award of best posters is easily enabled.