2nd World Giftedness Center International Conference

Creativity is not just thinking skills.

Published 2023-11-22


  • Creativity,
  • Fostering creativity,
  • Teaching techniques,
  • Learning environments

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Creativity is not just thinking skills. (2023). 2nd World Giftedness Center International Conference, 1(1). https://doi.org/10.54878/mrjwah61


Creativity is often associated with thinking skills, such as idea generation and problem-solving. However, creativity is not limited to just thinking skills. It is a complex phenomenon that involves multiple dimensions, including affective, motivational, and contextual factors. 

This presentation will explore the various dimensions of creativity and highlight the importance of considering all aspects of creativity in promoting and fostering creative thinking.

It will also discuss practical strategies for developing creativity, including the importance of divergent thinking, curiosity, and intrinsic motivation. By the end of this presentation, participants will have a better understanding of the multifaceted nature of creativity and be equipped with practical tools to enhance creative abilities.